30 augusti, 2019

We all travel through time with our own set of beliefs, searching for and molding an identity that tells us and the world who we are. I have chosen the identity of Storyteller. Or did I choose it or was it chosen for me?

I have been told by a few people that I have walked on this earth many times before in different guises and that the common trait of all those has been the storyteller.

In no chronological order I have apparently been a druid. I doubt that I wrote something, but druids were keepers of stories and had to spread their knowledge to other druids in a way to preserve that knowledge.

Another life has been spent as a political rebel in 17th century Holland, hiding underground and writing pamphlets against the societal establishment.

I have been a doctor in 19th century Scandinavia where I wrote about medicine and kept notes about my patients.

In 18th century England I was an English lady who kept journals about her life, her garden, her flowers and her fruits, and the recipes that she had been handed down by her mother and grandmother.

One existence was spent in ancient Rome as the writer to a member of the Roman senate, writing down speeches and keeping notes about my master to be preserved for posterity.

Now I am an author, writer and copywriter. Still telling stories, for me and for you. I am a master of words. I can cut you, I can thrill you, and make you euphoric. All with the use of words.

I have always been a storyteller, from the beginning until the end of time.