Mr Pink – Fifty Shades of Grey but Gay

05 september, 2019

A bestseller in the making

It all started with Mr Grey, the bestselling book. I found out about the phenomenon through my sister from another mister. I saw the first film at her home and then I went down to Folkestone to watch part two and three at the cinema. It became our thing.

At one instance she said; “Why don’t you write a book, a gay version of Fifty Shades of Grey?”  The idea flew around in my head for a while and then at Christmas time I sat in my car and started thinking about what a gay Mr Grey would be called? Mr Pink, naturally!

The first chapter was an introduction to the character, Mr Pink, who I wanted to be a sociopath with a sharp tongue. After a while I realized that if I was supposed to write a book that only revolved around sex, I would shoot myself out of boredom. I needed something more and opted for revenge and love.

Human relationships are fascinating, exciting and seem to be a mystery for most of us. There is no formula for success, no one who can really guide us no matter how many books we read or how many good advice we get from other people. We are left to our own devices, to fumble as we grow in experience, to fall and dust ourselves off before we continue on in the elusive pursuit of a fruitful union – no matter gay or straight.

To write a book, a story, is to me like cooking. I open up the fridge and see what I have and what I could create from it. I experiment and throw something in and hope that it will tasty and palpable. I did the same thing when writing Mr Pink. I gathered ingredients from many places, stirred, let it simmer and out came this story of love, revenge and sex.

Mr Pink is not Dostojevski or Tolstoj. The book is supposed to be fun and entertaining with a surprise thrown in here and there. I had a lot of fun writing this book and I hope that the reader feels that as you flip through the pages.

I think that Mr Pink, the book, should be enjoyed with a glass of bubbly and chocolate because the idea is that it should be a ….

… pleasure!